Window Shutter Benefits

Window shutters are the ultimate window dressing due not only to the wonderful aesthetics but also the ease of operation, thermal qualities and more.

Temperature Regulation

During the summer months, your windows can be open but with your shutters closed and tilted to prevent the warming rays entering the room. This can provide a wonderful comfortable room temperature on even the warmest days.
In winter the closed shutters provide a high level of insulation. The solid construction outperforms other window dressings whilst maintaining that high quality look and feel.

Increased Value and Kerb Appeal

Window shutters are bespoke to each window so form a valued part of a property. Just Shutters are built to last a lifetime and will be a highly valued feature for any home. The clean and classy aesthetics of professionally installed shutters make them the most highly desired window dressing.


The ability to easily open, close and tilt shutters from inside provides the perfect levels of privacy and security for all home owners.

Easy Clean & Maintenance

Professionally installed Just Shutters are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years; with others offering a 10 year guarantee. The solid construction enables them to be cleaned easily as required.

Ease of Operation

With window shutters you don’t have any cords to pull like you do with most types of blinds. Instead, window shutters benefit from hinged panels that are opened and closed as simply as a kitchen cupboard door. The solid construction and professional fitting ensures a lifetime of operation backed by a minimum 5 year guarantee.

Bespoke Design

Not all window shutters are the same. The extensive range provided by Just Shutters includes multiple slat depths, opening styles, colours and more. Visit the showroom or arrange a free home consultation to fully appreciate the ranges available and the perfect solution for your home.

Bedroom Blackout

For optimal sleep we need a cool, dark bedroom. Window shutters provide the very best bedroom blackout solution. As each shutter is bespoke to the window frame and professionally fitted the maximum amount of light possible is blocked by the perfectly fitted shutters. Adjusting the tilt of the shutters can create the desired level of light at any time of day.

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